Dr John Colin DAVIES

ArmsArgent, on a Fess Gules between three Boars Heads erased Sable armed and gorged with a Coronet Or three Fleurs-de-Lys also Or.
CrestIssuant from an ancient crown Or a demi-dragon rampant wings expanded Gules langued Or supporting between fore-feet a book erect bound Sable edge clasped and garnished Or.
MottoVINCIT QUI SI VINCIT (He conquers who conquers himself)

The field of silver represents Dr Davies’s interest in antique domestic silverware, whilst the red fess refers to his English ancestry. The boar’s heads are taken from the arms of Sir Andrew Judd, a 16th century liveryman of the Skinner’s Company and Lord Mayor of London, whose endowments enabled the foundation of Dr Davies’s old school in Tonbridge. The boar is also a beast long associated with Hampshire, where Dr Davies worked as a physician for over 30 years and his birth year is also the Chinese year of the boar. The three fleurs-de-lys are taken from the Arms of Guy’s Hospital Medical School, where the armiger received his clinical instruction as a medical student, as well as the arms of the ancient Kings of Gwent from whom Dr Davies is believed to have descended. They also allude to the armiger’s maternal French ancestry. The dragon crest alludes further to Dr Davies’s Welsh Ancestry, his long association with Hampshire and, as the monster is often associated with water, to the armiger being an Aquarian. The ancient ducal crown illustrates Dr Davies’s interest in antiquity whilst the medieval book, held by the dragon, alludes to the armiger’s involvement in scholarship and antiquarian books, as well as being taken from the arms of the University of Cambridge where he was an undergraduate.

AgentWilliam Hunt (Windsor Herald)
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