Michael Sydney Bernard HORSFORD

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ArmsOr, on a fess between three Horses Heads erased azure two Buts argent.
CrestUpon a Helm with a wreath Or and azure within a Circlet of Roses gules barbed and seeded proper alternating with and abutting fleur-de-lys a demi-lion Or winged and holding between the forepaws a roundel argent. Mantled: Azure lined Or.
BadgeWithin a Circlet of Roses gules alternating with and abutting Roses argent all barbed and seeded proper a Horse’s Head erased azure.

John Samuel Horsford ISM, Superintendent Officer of the Ordnance Survey and his wife Sarah had a son named Sydney Herbert Horsford who was the father of the armiger. Sydney had an adventurous life, seeing extensive service as an officer in both World Wars firstly in the Royal Engineers and later at Sea, engaging in various theatres of was world-wide. His son applied for the grant as a memorial. The elements of the design represent various personal connections of Mr Horsford jnr and his wife. The three azure Horses Heads and fess are anciently connected with the Horsford name, the winged demi-lion represents his service with the Royal Air Force and in civil aviation, and the roundel held between the forepaws is an illusion to his career in international banking in the City of London. The Circlet made up of roses and fleur-de-lys represents Mrs Horsford, whose first name is Rosalind and an echo of the arms of ancestors Sir Richard Charles Kirby, Account General in the War Office during the Napoleonic Wars and third great-grandfather (maternal) of the armiger and the French arms of his great-uncle Lt General Joseph Foveaux, twice Governor General of New South Wales and once of Norfolk Island.

GrantedAugust 2013 (College of Arms)
AgentWilliam Hunt (Windsor Herald)
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