Conrad PENNY

ArmsGules, six Fleurs de Lis Or three-two and one, on a Chief wavy of the last three Roses also Gules barbed and seeded proper.
CrestA Coronet flory Or issuant therefrom a Lion rampant Gules, collared and langued Or, charged on the shoulder with a Rose Argent, barbed and seeded proper and holding in the dexter paw a Fleur de Lis Gold.
MottoSEMPER PARATUS (always prepared)

The arms are based upon those from the 1684 Herald’s Visitation to Somerset, where one Giles Penne (sic) of East Coker, proved the use by four prior generations of his Penne family of the arms: ‘Gules, Six Fleurs de Lis, 3, 2 and 1 Or’. That means a known use of the said arms from c1540. No connection to this family has to date been proven. The Roses in the ‘Chief’ now are believed to have been introduced by The College of Arms for ‘difference’ for the line descending from Richard Penny of Marchwood who was baptised at Chatham Kent in January 1775) and were granted by The College to Richard Penny's descendent Frederick James Penny in 1923, (See: The combined family of Penny of Marchwood [under: Viscounts and Barons Marchwood of Penang and of Marchwood] in Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage 103rd Edition [of 2003]).
The Arms displayed above are differenced from those of Frederick James Penny who’s ‘Chief’ is ‘Engrailed’ and a ‘cadency mark’ (of a ‘Crescent counter-changed’) has been added to the field for Conrad Penny, as a second son of the Grantee.

GrantedTo Errol Forssman Penny 22nd May 1995 (father of Conrad Hugo Penny) and Great-Nephew of Frederick James Penny who was granted arms by The College of Arms 1923.
AgentConrad Swan (Garter King of Arms)
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