Dale Andrew POTTER

ArmsBleu Celeste a Stag sejant Argent and unguled Or holding in the mouth a slip pointing downwards Murrey growing and falling therefrom petals Argent, on a Chief engrailed Pean two Wolf’s Heads erased Argent.
CrestRising between two Mural Crowns each one embrasure manifest Or a Slip Vert petalled Argent perched thereon a Tawny Frogmouth Bird proper holding in the beak a sprig of Golden Wattle leaved and flowered proper
MottoMELIORES ANGELI NOSTRAE NATURAE (Better Angels of Our Nature)

The arms represent Mr. Potters family history and ancestry as well as his experiences policing and peacekeeping.
The arms consist of a white stag which represent his English, Scottish and Northern Ireland ancestry. The light blue background and white stag with petals represent peace which was the core of the armigers career as a police officer and his deployment as a UN peacekeeper. The two wolves represent his two daughters who are of part Italian descent, the wolves depicting those of Italian wolves, the national animal of Italy. The colours and symbols also represent involvement in the community, including the Scouting movement which led to his award of an Order of Australia medal.
The two mural crowns again represent his children and their sense of justice that has been passed down from their fathers duties and experience. The Australian connection makes up the crest with a tawny frogmouth (a bird similar to an owl that is native only to Australia) with a sprig of wattle in its mouth. The wattle is the national floral emblem of Australia. The slip and white petals that the bird is sitting on is again a symbol of peace.
The motto is the phrase ‘Meliores Angeli Nostrae Naturae’ - Latin for ‘Better Angels Of Our Nature’. This resonated with the armiger and was spoken by US President Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural speech in 1861 where he implored both north and south to find this as an alternative to divisiveness and conflict. Mr Potter as a police officer and peacekeeper also encouraged people to find the better angels of their natures to avoid divisiveness and conflict.

Granted18th November 2018 (College of Arms)
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)
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