David Keith RHODES

ArmsGules, three cut diamonds proper, on a chief argent as many roses gules barbed and seeded proper.
CrestUpon a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Gules in front of a Jersey lily slipped proper a Pair of Dividers Or interlacing two sprigs of Oak leaves slipped and fructed proper
MottoPER VIAS RECTAS (By Upright Roads)

The three red roses are for my three Lancashire children. The three diamonds are for the three generations of jewellers.
The crest refers to: An oak branch as some ancestors were foresters and a ‘rode’ is a clearing in a forest (a term still used in Germany). A pair of dividers referring to navigation, as I have a pilot’s licence, and spent many hours sailing in my youth. The Jersey lily refers to my parents who lived on that island for some forty years.
The motto is a play on my family name.
The two collarettes suspended are later additions and refer to the Hospitalers

Granted22nd March 1982 (College of Arms)
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