wedemeyer (2)
ArmsPer fess gules and argent, in chief a horse courant silver in base a sprig of five oak leaves vert.
CrestA demi-lion vert grasping in the dexter paw a sword gules.

Mr Wedemeyer’s arms are based upon those of his ancestors living in the Duchy of Brunswick since the 17th century. The family’s service in war and peace to the House of Brunswick is commemorated both by the horse in the arms and the lion of the crest. Mr Wedemeyer lives in Hanover. The family were also farm managers. The oak leaves area pun on the surname. In Old High German ‘Wede’ means wood (hence the sprig of oak leaves) and ‘Meyer’ means bailiff.

Granted1983 (Wappenarchiv Stuttgart, Wappenrolle Drochtermann)
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