Douglas Meager Wallace WAGLAND of Pitcruivie

wagland (2)
ArmsPer fess dancetty of two points downwards argent and dancetty azure and or in chief a lion passant guardant gules armed and langued azure grasping in the dexter forepaw a scroll ppr. Above the shield behind which is draped his feudo-baronial mantle gules double argent, fur-edged of miniver and collar ermine fastened on the right shoulder within five spherical buttons or, is placed a chapeau gules furred ermine.
CrestA demisphere dancetty or and sable statant thereon a yellow wagtail ppr.
MottoSEMPER VIGILANS (Always watchful)

The pattern of the shield is allusive to the name of the bearer. Waglande is Old English for ‘shaking ground’ and derives from the terrain near the small hamlet in Devon from which it is thought the name derives. The lion is taken from the arms of the Meager family. It grasps a scroll alluding to the grantee’s profession as a solicitor. Again, the wagtail in the crest is punning, reflecting the nickname borne by male members of the Wagland family over the years.

Granted10th September 1992 (Court of Lord Lyon)
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