jagger-son (2)
ArmsArgent, a Bow fesswise fully drawn and charged with an arrow pointing downwards gules on a chief embattled azure three Roses argent barbed and seeded Or.
CrestIssuant from a coronet Or and between on the dexter a Yorkshire Sanicle flower and on the sinister a Rocket flower both slipped and leaved proper a Cubit Arm in Armour proper the wrist enfiled by an Annulet Or the hand gauntleted proper grasping a sword bendwise sinister attached to the pommel by a chain a pierced cinquefoil Or.

The blue chief and three white roses represent the fact that the surname in the UK is a Yorkshire surname and that the grantee has three sons. The embattlement echoes the fact that three generations of the family have been involved in defence and security of the realm and of the Queen’s peace. The principal charge of a bow and arrow is a reference to the meaning of a word in German similar to the surname (Jager = hunter). In the crest the coronet designates service to the Crown. The arm in armour grasps St Paul’s red sword to show our family’s connections with the City of London going back to the 1600s (Richard Jagger was Master of the Worshipful Company of Draper’s in 1609). The London Rocket flower is a symbol of rebirth of the City after the Great Fire and later the Blitz. The Yorkshire Sanicle flower is another connection to the Yorkshire roots of the surname. The Cinquefoil indicates a connection to the Rushbrook(e) family of Suffolk in a previous generation.

GrantedDecember 2012 (College of Arms) to his father.
AgentRobert Noel (Lancaster Herald)
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