de-ruano (2)
ArmsAzure, a pile reversed and embowed inwards Argent between two Angels respectant proper crined and vested Or winged Argent holding between them with the interior hands an Ancient Crown Or and holding with outer hand a Scroll Argent.
CrestUpon a Helm with Wreath Or and Gules a Chariot affronty Or drawn by three horses courant Gules, Argent and Azure unguled maned and harnessed Or the reins held in his sinister hand by a Charioteer Proper crined Sable vested Gules and dexter arm outstretched vambraced and gauntleted Or holding a Sword point upwards Argent hilt and Pommel Or. Mantled: Azure double Argent.

The shield is inspired by the Finnish Coat of Arms of Karelia, where the armiger’s family in the male line has lived for centuries, with symbols of Christianity, monarchy, law and equestrianism. The motto is a Karelian proverb.

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