James Phillips Spalding THOMSON FRCS

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ArmsPer fess, gules and or a pale counterchanged in the gules three griffins’ heads erased or and in the or as many hearts gules enflamed ppr.
CrestA winged lion sejant quarterly or and gules supporting with the dexter forepaw a cross formy fitchy sable.
MottoPERSEVERANDO (Preserve)

The griffin is the badge of Dr Thompson’s preparatory school – Gadebridge Park (now Westbrook Hay) in Hemel Hempstead, in colours of the arms. The Headmaster, Mr H D R P Lindsay, was armigerous and instilled an interest in heraldry which was only realised much later in life. The heart reflects the arms of Halleybury. Dr Thomson’s career in the medical profession and his wife’s Christian name, Katharine. Dr Thomson was a consultant surgeon at St Mark’s Hospital for Intestinal and Colorectal Disorders and this explains the winged lion of the crest. In 1987 Dr Thomson received A Lambeth Doctorate of Medicine from Archbishop Robert Runcie. This is represented by the cross formy fitchy of which there are four on the pallium in the arms of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Granted7th December 1998 (College of Arms)
AgentTimothy Duke (Chester Herald)
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