William Brace HORN

horn (2)
ArmsGules, issuing from an ancient coronet bendwise Or a unicorn’s horn point upwards argent all between three lions’ faces Or.
CrestIn front of two post horns in saltire bells upwards OR a fleur-de-lis florencée argent.

The memorial on which the grant was based is to Mr Horn’s grandfather, George Lilley Horn who migrated from Boston, Lincolnshire to the USA in 1869. The tinctures of the arms and the lion’s faces allude to his English origin, while the unicorn horn and post horns are a pun on the surname. The fleur-de-lys is another pun (Lily/Lillie) on the family name. In addition, the unicorn’s horn could be a narwhal tusk, referring to the North Sea and the northern origins of the family. The three lions’ faces also represent the three English born branches of the present generation’s family.

Granted30th April 1998
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