The Reverend John A HAYTON TD

hayton (2)
ArmsChevronny of eight Or and vert, on a pale counterchanged three roses argent barbed and seeded gold.
CrestA salamander statant erect and reguardant vert enflamed gold.

Mr Hayton is a Yorkshireman, hence the white roses and this county connection is alluded to in the tinctures linked with a pun of the ‘Hay’ of this name. The salamander denotes his business career in the insurance industry while the Chevronny pattern gives a nod to his ‘other career’ in the Territorial Army. The mantling is silver and green, the colours of the Intelligence Corps in which he served, are grey and green.

Granted15th May 1989 (College of London)
AgentPeter Gwynn-Jones (Lancaster Herald)
Located in: Members
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