Sir Conrad SWAN

swan (2)
ArmsAzure a cross formy within a horseshoe inverted or a bordure compony counter compony or and gules
MottoNUNQUAM CEDAMUS (We will never give up)

Sir Conrad writes, ‘The arms are of my Polish-Lithuanian line and are of the Herb (i.e. Arms) Jastrzebiec (i.e. Sparrow hawk) as seen in my crest (not illustrated). Long used by my family, Poland did not have any official central regulation of Arms before the final and third Partition of Poland Lithuania, came under the Russians. The Arms and Szlachta status (literally noble, but probably best translated as gentry)of my family was confirmed by the Department of Heraldry, St Petersburg on the 26th July 1811 and re-matriculated on various occasions down to 1860 – soon after which the family came into the British Empire.

Granted(Confirmed) 7th January 1967 (College of Arms)
Located in: Deceased Members
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