Dr Jeffrey R MURDOCK

murdock (2)
ArmsPaly of six argent and vert, three Celtic Torques gules.
CrestEmerging from Waves of the Sea a beaded Celtic Warrior helmed and in Armour proper vested with a Surcoat of the arms holding in the dexter hand a sword in bend sinister argent and in the sinister hand a Harp vert.
BadgeBetween the limbs of a Celtic Cross argent decorated gules four Sweetbriar Flowers in saltire barbed proper.

Dr Murdock is a United States citizen with a United Kingdom Celtic patrilineal background. His arms reflect this in the colouring, the use of the Celtic torque as principal charge and the crest. He was also granted a badge.

Granted1999 (College of Arms)
AgentThomas Woodcock (Norroy King of Arms)
Located in: Members
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