Welcome to the website of the White Lion Society!

The Society raises funds to support the work and activities of Her Majesty's College of Arms in London. Membership is open to all who are interested in heraldry and supporting the College of Arms. A note of gifts made to the College by the Society can be found by clicking here.

At a meeting of the Heraldry Society in 1984 it was suggested to John Brooke-Little, then Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, that it would be appropriate to found a "Society of Friends" of the College of Arms. He noted that the late Wilfrid Scott-Giles, Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary, had previously suggested the same idea, giving it the notional name of THE WHITE LION SOCIETY (the heraldic supporters of the College of Arms being two white lions taken from the Earl Marshal's Mowbray Supporters). The idea was put before the Chapter of the College by John Brooke-Little and received its approval. The first meeting of the White Lion Society was held in the College of Arms on May 8th 1986.

The Society holds an Annual Meeting in January each year followed by a Reception at the College of Arms. Outings to places of heraldic and historical interest regularly take place, and a newsletter is published to members once a quarter. You can view a copy of the Society's Constitution by clicking here

On this website you will find a membership application form and an order form for Society items, with a payment link to Paypal, a Gallery of sheets of heraldic art by Roland Symons, an Armorial showing the arms of armigerous Members, a note about the Heralds' church St Benet Paul's Wharf, and a list of relevant websites. Any news items of current interest will be temporarily displayed on this first page.

The general secretary of the Society is Roger Whitworth, to whom general enquiries should be addressed either by e-mail to enquiries@whitelionsociety.org or by post to him at 21 Geneva Close, Worcester WR3 7LZ. Dr John Davies is the membership secretary and manages the Society's Shop. The Chairman of the Society is Melvyn Jeremiah, and the Treasurer is Adrian Barham. This website is managed by the Chairman.

Latest News

Annual General Meeting

Council has decided to hold the Annual General Meeting later than usual this year, in an attempt to avoid the worst of the winter weather. We tried this once before and the day chosen turned out to be the worst weather of the year, but we hope to do better this time. The meeting will take place on Monday 29th February 2016. The place will again be St Benet Paul's Wharf. The intention will be to conduct the meeting with the usual brevity, after which there will be a Reception at the College of Arms for Members and their partners. Please note that guests will not be permitted on this occasion. An application form giving further details was included with the November Newsletter. Members who wish to attend but have not yet returned their completed form and cheque should do so as soon as possible.